India School Inc. is proud to offer 5 comprehensive courses for learning the Hindi language.  Young students start with simply doing verbal drills of Hindi words of common, everyday objects and phrases and gradually progress to writing essays, understanding complex rules of Hindi grammar so they can speak, read, and write fluently.  Students who choose to can finally graduate with a certificate in Hindi awarded by the Government of India.  All courses are meant to be conversational, informative, and interactive.

This class is for ages 4-6. It's idea for young children to learn basic Hindi words and Indian culture through songs, crafts, stories and games. These students are not required to do any written work.

Classes are divided into two levels.  These beginner students learn Hindi vowels and consonants, reading and writing of words without matras, basic vocabulary and everyday elementary conversation through songs, drama and other fun activities. 

Level 1
Level 1 is for first-time students who are 6-9 years old or for play group students who are ready to do more structured work. The goal for this level is to be able to recognize, read and write Hindi vowels and some consonants with proper pronunciation and diction while working to develop vocabulary and spoken skills.

Level 2
The group strives to master all the Hindi alphabets and read and write two or three letter words. They are introduced to words with aa matra. A bulk of class-time is also spent on music, conversation and vocabulary build up. 

Intermediate students are expected to have completed Level 1 & Level 2 of Introduction to Hindi.  Intermediate Hindi has three levels.

Level 1
The curriculum for this group consists of Introduction to all the vowel symbols. Emphasis is given to reading and writing words and phrases using these matras.  Oral conversation skill is also developed through small skits and fun activities and games.

Level 2
The students start reading their first Hindi Reader.  Spoken skills are developed based on the reading material as well as other areas of interest.

Level 3
Students are able to read, write and orally describe places, people and small events, with ease. Students pursue a more advanced text book and are introduced to some basic rules of grammar, such as number, gender and adjectives.

These students are introduced to a few texts from the Hindi Certificate Course. An overview of the grammar rules is given and practiced by reading, writing and verbal drills. 

In this course the prescribed text and course work is followed.  Students are prepared to complete the assignments of the certificate course and to take the final exam.


India School has been offering classes in other Indian languages for many years. Sometimes these classes are planned in association with area regional organizations.  The curriculum for these language classes follows the pattern of Hindi Syllabus, wherever possible.



Instructions in North Indian Classical Hindustani vocal music techniques based on traditional  vocal music system of India.


In harmonium and keyboard classes, students gain knowledge of the essential elements required for mastery of the instrument.  (Offered upon demand). 


For beginners, the course  starts with basic exercises and gradually teaches students different taals and compositions. For the intermediate students, the course focuses on improvisations of kayadas and reylas in different rhythmic cycles.


Students are taught elements of Kathak technique. Their skills are developed through advanced footwork, rhythm and abhinaya (expressions).

Level 1
This is a class for beginning students of Kathak with little or no previous dance experience. Students will be taught foundation skills in footwork, taal, and basic theory. They will learn to sing bols and perform a variety of todas over the course of the semester. Classes are taught with an emphasis on quality and adhere to the traditional syllabus for Kathak. Ages 7+ (Younger children by permission of instructor only).

Level 2
This is the class for continuing students who attended Kathak Level 1 previously. The program begins with second year todas, expanding upon previous material by including more complex footwork patterns and advanced positions. The semester will also present a continuation of theory and counting and introduce the kavita toda. Ages 7+ (Prerequisite: Completion of Kathak Level One is mandatory).

Level 3
This is the class for continuing students who attended Advanced Kathak previously and have had at least 2 years prior experience. Course material includes all the constituent parts of a new, longer classical program with original choreography. Students will begin a challenging set of new todas and begin rudimentary work in abhinaya. Ages 10+ (Prerequisite: Completion of Advanced Kathak is mandatory, or audition with instructor approval).


The main aim of the class is to introduce students to the popular Indian Dance styles and to prepare them for various types of performances. Popular dance focuses on learning dance steps to Hindi film songs, semi-classical and new popular numbers.

Bollywood for Children and Teens: This class uses original choreography for a current hit song and is geared to be both challenging and fun for younger people. Ages 7+ (Previous Bollywood training may be helpful, but is not essential).


This dance explores various steps and movements of the colorful and diverse and lively folk dances of Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat. Students will learn to dance to both traditional and modern beats.


Hatha Yoga is taught with a view to achieve its benefits of longevity and good health. This course will focus on Yoga postures which provide free flow of energy through the body. The course also covers meditation, as a source of relaxation, to build stamina and to be more sensitive to our environment. This course is suitable for all ages.