I had known about India School from my teenage years, as, more than 25 years ago, my father Ustad Hafiz Hossain and my uncle Ustad Hamid Hossain taught along side Mrs. Darshan Krishna, of course, the endeavor initiated and sustained to this day by Mrs. Krishna ji herself. When an institution such as India School survives the test of times and thrives as long as the school has, it reflects not only to the quality of the cultural and educational initiatives of this prestigious institution, but the speaks volume to the vision of the leadership. I have been teaching at the school about four years now, and feel humbled and honor to have the opportunity to teach kids and see their eyes light up when they are able to play the Tabla and when all of it comes together in annual student performance in front of lively and supportive audience. My respects and admiration for the school and its leadership.
— Monir Hossain, Tabla teacher
Nearly three decades ago as a young child growing up in Montgomery County, I took the Hindi certificate course as part of India School. My brother took Hindi here and I also learned Bharat Natyam with India School. Now, it’s amazing that my own kids are going to the same school and learning the same language skills. We are lucky to have this wonderful resource available to so many people here in the DC-MD-VA metropolitan area.
— Arunima Pande
We as parents of current students are very thankful for Mrs. Krishna’s continued stewardship of such a fine institution that is truly enhancing our children’s and our families lives. I fondly remember having her as my teacher the final two years in the Hindi Certificate Course 25 years ago, and now as a parent of two young Hindi students, we see the same passion, kindness and purpose in the staff and teachers. The India School is an open and welcoming environment where the great diversity of our Indian-American culture is being passed on and celebrated.
— Vishal Gupta
India School has been an integral part of our lives since our children
were very small. The teachers are enthusiastic, taking time out of extremely
successful careers in many different fields to work with the students.
Like most immigrants we embrace the opportunities of
this great country while longing to pass on the good traits of our old
home to our children. India School allows us to take much that is
wonderful and unique in Indian culture and learning, and expose our
children to it. In a very real sense, it makes it possible to have our
cake and eat it too. We will always remain grateful to the dedicated
people at India School and hope they will continue their mission for
generations to come.
— The Ohja Family